Let’s Make a Deal!

Today’s REAL WORLD Questions

(CUE – ANNOUNCER Voice-Over)

It’s an exciting day for all you fans of competition AND ethics!  You’ve read about Mr. and Mrs. Invisible.  Before we present today’s edition of WHAT WOULD YOU DO? , let’s have a look at what’s happened up to now.  (Roll FILM REEL) They’ve been preparing to sell their home of 15 years and move to a new state.  The decision was not undertaken lightly.  Many challenges were met in preparing for this momentous day.  There was important VALUES CLARIFICATION required:

( https://invisiblemikey.wordpress.com/2010/01/10/more-is-not-better/ )

They sought and accepted the advice of well-paid experts about how to make the house more appealing to potential buyers. (See previous post “Veneer of Civilization”) —


They struggled to rid themselves of clutter, and prepare their treasures for transport:


The Invisibles had to split up temporarily.  Mikey journeyed to the North Country in search of a new home, and he found a WONDERFUL POSSIBILITY:


But Mrs. Invisible came, and found one EVEN BETTER:


Now their previous abode has HIT THE MARKET (*dingdingding* WOO-HOO!  clapclapclapclap)

The very first day of Open House has produced not one, but TWO serious offers, and today’s Open House may bring NEW POSSIBILITIES!

(Cue Music: “Bidding Battle on the Seas of High Finance”)

Behind DOOR NUMBER ONE: This offer is from a pre-approved potential buyer.  While an ordinary period of escrow and inspection would be 60 days/17 days, this person will only require 30 days/7 days.  However, the offer is 10 Grand below asking price, and it has a deadline of ½ hour BEFORE today’s scheduled Open House.

Behind DOOR NUMBER TWO: This serious inquiry is from another pre-approved buyer.  The specific offer is expected later today.  Because this deal involves a tax-exchange on second property purchases, if accepted it is less likely to fall out of escrow than offer #1, however the conditions may require more closing time.

DOOR NUMBER THREE: More people attend Open Houses to shop for property on Sunday than any other day, by a wide margin.  Several other homes are on the market at the same price in our extended neighborhood, and the Invisibles’ house compares favorably to every one of them.  50 brokers attended the caravan two days ago prior to publication on the MLS.  It’s getting hot in here, folks!   (audience laughter)


WHAT DO YOU THINK Mr. & Mrs. Invisible DID?


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7 responses to “Let’s Make a Deal!

  1. Moi, I’d wait… you have the best house in the neighbourhood and don’t need to feel pressured into going *under your asking price* to please people who surely put the deadline at a time to make you squirm…
    Don’t give in to their panic pressure tactics, there IS a better buyer out there I am certain.
    Last time you waited a little and thought you might have lost 5600 and instead you gained 50 000, so I think that waiting until after the Sunday Open Day you will have a better view of who’s bidding and how much for, so scrap Door 1 since they are playing games with you, and see what happens between Door2 and Door 3.
    Your Old House looks FABULOUS btw… it should sell itself in no time!!!

  2. You are a wise woman. I’ll reveal the truth tomorrow.

  3. Wise… don’t know about that! I’m one step ahead of the kids and that’s all that matters most days LOL.

  4. Cat

    Said, “Screw it,” moved to the middle of nowhere, bought a trailer, and became rednecks? Or instead of a trailer, bought a van, parked it on the beach, and became hippies? Yes? No? I think I’m totally right.

    • Great answer, certainly had the thought, couldn’t become rednecks if we tried (we’re white enuff but waaay too nerdy).

      The hippies all died, moved to Amsterdam or Berkeley or took up commercial pursuits (gasp). Too bad “public beach” is a complete misnomer. You’ll get towed nowadays. The only public space is dumpsters or a cardboard box on a bad street.

      Your post about your hair is brilliant. I’ve just been too busy to comment. 14-hr days. (blech)

  5. I’m pretty sure you waited. What would I do? I’d do what my own Mrs. wanted us to do, because she has some of that “untrained ability” you were talking about. The fact that I would have waited makes me pretty sure my wife would have taken the door I’d be least drawn to, which is the first offer. So I guess taking the first offer is what we’d end up doing.

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