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Buh-Bye Motel 2 1/2

We get the keys to our new home today.  Important truths have been re-emphasized in this arduous process, but the lessons are old ones.  I did develop some new skills from living for three weeks in a cabin with no air conditioning and no ordinary source of hot water. Continue reading


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You won’t see any posts for a few days, folks.  Mrs. Invisible AND the 2 cats have arrived, the California house contents are heading North, and I have no internet or email for a few days.  We got Casa DeLuxe (yes, FOR SURE) Continue reading


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Overhead & Underfoot

I can see Beckett’s Point from the front yard!

This misty, moisty morning I met with some of the local characters who are helping us get ready for the move.  This is a town of nine thousand.  The businesspersons all appear to know each other well. Continue reading


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Eight Miles High

It’s raining so hard the rhododendrons are losing their petals.  When I was little I didn’t like rain, but I’ve changed.  My desert-born wife loves rain.  It rained like this on our wedding day, one of the luckiest days of my life. Continue reading


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Top of the Deck

The Real Estate Poker Game So Far

This is C.M. Coolidge’s most famous work of commercial art, “A Friend in Need”, painted just after the turn of the 20th Century.  He painted nine of dogs playing poker Continue reading


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Let’s Make a Deal!

Today’s REAL WORLD Questions

(CUE – ANNOUNCER Voice-Over)

It’s an exciting day for all you fans of competition AND ethics!  You’ve read about Mr. and Mrs. Invisible.  Before we present today’s edition of WHAT WOULD YOU DO? , let’s have a look at what’s happened up to now.  (Roll FILM REEL) Continue reading


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We Have a Few Forms…

I apologize for being unable to provide you all with any amusement or ideas to chew on right now.  There’s a lot of paperwork involved in buying a house Continue reading


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Small is Beautiful

How much is enough?  How much is too much?  How much house do people really need?  Some believe that these questions are matters of personal preference with only the need to consider how much you have to spend on acquisition and ownership.  I think that’s too narrow a perspective.  We live on an island in space.  There’s only so much water, air and land for all beings to share. Continue reading


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Hunters vs. Gatherers

This will probably be the most chauvinistic post I’ve written, but I’m no saint and I have some ranting to do.  Women are SO different from men when it comes to making choices, and right now it’s driving me around the bend a little.  Men hunt.  Women gather.  Continue reading


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