Author Eric Hoffer discusses the pain of writing

Creative thinking and the creative process

By Dennis Mellersh

The creative thinking process, when applied to the craft or art of writing original material can be painful and difficult for expert and beginner alike.

Eric Hoffer, the longshoreman/philosopher, who became famous for his originality in writing non-fiction about the human condition, confessed that the act of writing was quite difficult for him.

The process was made even more onerous by the fact that, once he became established as a recognized writer, people had higher expectations of his work than they did when he was first discovered as someone who worked on the shipping docks but who wrote serious non-fiction in his spare time.

One of his books, Working and Thinking on the Waterfront, consists of entries he made in a series of notebooks or journals he kept from from June 1958 to May 1959, and outlines some of his writing struggles.

In the preface to the…

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2 responses to “Author Eric Hoffer discusses the pain of writing

  1. Hi Mikey
    Appreciate your interest in my article. Thanks for the reblog. If you have not read Hoffer’s Working and Thinking on the Waterfront, you would probably enjoy it. Lots of interesting info on his creative process and how he develops his themes. — Dennis

    • I had not read it, but I will now. Thank you so much for making me aware of his work. Now I know more of your interests too.

      I love reading about writing processes. It’s so mysterious.

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