It Wasn’t Always So Easy


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4 responses to “It Wasn’t Always So Easy

  1. Hillary would have been fine. Maggie thatcher and Queen Elizabeth seem to have done fine. The woman’s vote has an interesting effect. They are not so quick to sacrifice our sons and daughters. Feminist preference for the female gender, though, seems to violate equality and the fourteenth Amendment. But she was the only qualified candidate here, except perhaps Evan McMullin. God Help Us.

    • I have voting preferences of course, but I’ve also endured under plenty of presidents I didn’t vote for. Adapt and thrive is the plan. Thanks for stopping by.

      • As a senior who is disabled, I need Medicaid and Section 8 housing. People who live in my Senior Center are terrified!

        • I accept the fear and would surely offer direct comfort if I was there, Carolyn, but so far neither of those programs have been actually threatened. We don’t really have a Trump administration to critique yet, and Republican rule might not turn out to be as monolithic in practice as some predict.

          Seniors still vote in a higher percentage than any other demographic. It gives us geezers comparative power in limiting the more extreme behaviors of legislators. But of course we have to be vigilant, and make our objections known when the gubmint goes too far.

          Much of what presidents want gets changed, reversed or mitigated in having to go through the full legislative process. By the time it was a signed law, the ACA had been seriously, radically altered. Ask Bernie!

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