Word Salad Sandwich

Obsession likability paranoia.

Kibble-reinforced, bio-degradable op-ed.

Retrofuture regenerated remainder,

a citizen disunited.

Words worth weapons of my destruction,

awaiting dissolve.

Force carved skin surfaces; the callous, the cuticle, the terminal torn tag

facing skyward, leeward, windward to sail away.

The lone linking lifesaver holding hands.

Still here, aware, obscure, abjured, pure.


Filed under Emotions, Literature

10 responses to “Word Salad Sandwich

  1. SPAM ALERT! I had to manually redact a comment from that cute, green mushroom-headed being who also “liked” this post as a way to try and link this space to his/her “writing jobs” company. It’s one of those places where you earn a pittance for reviewing products the company orders you to, writing term papers for students who wish to cheat etc. If you have any sense of decency left – DON’T FEED THAT BEAST !

  2. I know the spammer you are talking about. I think he likes every single one of my posts. I enjoyed the “Word Salad Sandwich” – love the title. That was an interesting poem. To be honest though the callous and cuticle part almost made me gag. I have an OCD thing with my feet looking good. Feet make me gag unless they are professionally pedicured and well maintained. I have no clue why those words make me think of feet. That is odd.

    Great post.


    • I woke up very early and wrote this while I was still half-awake. I was unconsciously combining my dreams, emotions and things from other bloggers I’ve been reading about. Jennie K. has a face-picking compulsion when she’s anxious, and I tear up my cuticles when playing 12-string guitar. I used to feel about feet as you did, but I’ve done so many exams now of injured feet it just looks like meat, and I don’t have a visceral reaction anymore. Tissue-tearing is sometimes an action that makes people suffering from PTSD feel more connected and alive. I hardly ever write poetry that isn’t comical. Thanks for your thoughtful reaction, Liz.

  3. What a great title. Still aware…that’s it in a nutshell!

  4. That’s what I work toward, to slog through the mud and still have my head high enough to see and breathe. Thanks, Sandra.

  5. I’ve seen that green mushroom on a few other blogs now. SO annoying!
    Anyway, I loved Word Salad Sandwich – very clever indeed 🙂

  6. Glad you liked it, Di. Green is the wrong color for mushrooms, edible or psychedelic.

  7. LizEccentric7

    Did you make up some of your own words in this poem? If so, I do that often. I like the new words.

    • Some of them are rarely used words, but in this case I didn’t make up any. I did intentionally try to use unfamiliar ones that had rhythm with each other, or alliteration, similar sounds and like that. If they were new to you, that makes them magical, and I’m pleased.

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