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Deep River

The Fisk Jubilee Singers in 1877

The musical song form known as spirituals began as a beautiful union between American slaves’ desire for freedom, their identification with Old Testament stories, and a post Civil War embrace of European choral harmonization in Black colleges like Fisk University. Continue reading


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Carry That Weight

I’m performing without a net.  My wife’s pension documents are still screwed up.  I’m working quick turnarounds, a brutal test of stamina. Continue reading


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Movies about Work

I don’t usually write list-based posts, but I enjoy reading them so I suppose it can’t hurt to write one every so often.  I learn a lot from books, but over the course of my lifetime it’s usually films that change my mind and make me think about things differently.  Films begin as a very serious form of writing Continue reading


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Dying to Work

In considering my tendency toward overwork combined with the useful responses I received toward how to view that, or change it, I realized something I had not taken into account.  One’s view of the nature and purpose of work varies depending on the age and time of life of whoever’s examining the question. Continue reading


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To The Limit

There have been some alcoholics in my family.  That means I have a genetic capacity for addiction.  However, my drug isn’t alcohol.  It’s workohol. Continue reading


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Oddest Jobs Ever (Part Two)

Some jobs can create an altered state of consciousness.  I picked this next job based entirely upon the offered salary, which was quite high for the time.  I didn’t understand that jobs involving risk, crazy hours and weird conditions merit what might be called “combat pay”. Continue reading


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