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The Best Unturned Stones

La Liseuse (The Reader) by Jean-Honoré Fragonard

It’s a holiday weekend, but I’m going to be working my tail off pulling extra shifts.  I won’t have time to visit with you lovely people for a few days.  Just in case you’ll miss me, here are my picks of FIVE GREAT EARLY POSTS Continue reading


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Serpents and Seers

How’s this for a renovation?  This is part of the second and third floor exterior of Casa Batlló in Barcelona.  The building was already 27 years old when architects Antoni Gaudí and Josep Maria Jujol began work in 1904, and over a two year period they transformed the formerly ordinary structure into what the locals now call the Casa dels ossos (House of Bones). Continue reading


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Looking for Legends

These are the ruins of a Cistercian abbey in north Wales, near Llangollen.  It was built in an ancient town called Glas, or Glasynfre or maybe Glaestingaburh that had been there since before Roman times.  There’s a bit of mystery about this 13th Century abbey, which was named Valle Crucis (valley of the cross) Continue reading


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