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Letting Go of the Books

It has taken a week, but I moved 50 boxes of books from storage back to the house and put them in piles by subject.  In order to be freer from materialism, you have to free yourself of material (duh). Continue reading


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from “Koyaanisqatsi” (1982)

One of the most notable of human qualities is our ability to adapt technology to solve problems.  Another would be our inability to stop “solving” the same problem over and over again to the point of over-solving problems to degrees they don’t exist.  If it aint broke, we MUST fix it. Continue reading


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Small is Beautiful

How much is enough?  How much is too much?  How much house do people really need?  Some believe that these questions are matters of personal preference with only the need to consider how much you have to spend on acquisition and ownership.  I think that’s too narrow a perspective.  We live on an island in space.  There’s only so much water, air and land for all beings to share. Continue reading


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Have a Nice B.M.

The Bristol Stool Scale

Today’s focus is on B.M.  Did you know there’s a scientific chart for that?  It was developed in the 1990s during studies at the University of Bristol.  Types 3 and 4 are the good ones. Continue reading


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