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La Belle et La Bete (1946)

There’s a tension that exists between natural and artificial order.  You can be creative by playing that tension as if it was a tuned string.  If you continue to play, you will undergo a transformation that unifies art and nature.  You merge with everything. Continue reading


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Seeing Further

When I look out my windows, I can see a mountain range.  These peaks rise majestically out of the Pacific Ocean.  They have been called by many names.  The Duwamish people called them Sun-a-do.  The Klallam, who lived 10,000 years ago where my town is now, gave them a name meaning “thunderbird”.

I’ve never lived in sight of mountains before.  I’m trying to open myself to whatever kind of powers they hold. Continue reading


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The Best Instrument (Part Two)

The World of Singing Traditions

The fire that spurs us on past our fears and limitations is desire fueled by love.  If you can find a kind of singing you fall in love with, you’ll do whatever you can to be able to imitate it.  You’ll do the impossible. Continue reading


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