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An Inclusive Border

Our front deck is 35 years old.  It’s been rained on often enough over the years to penetrate the paint and sealant and cause rot.  We considered how to repair and replace it, and talked with local carpenters over the past two years. Continue reading


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This One Starts Out Boring

Firing the big gun (1915)

My recent inability to access the most interactive features here on WP.com are producing interesting results. Continue reading


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La Belle et La Bete (1946)

There’s a tension that exists between natural and artificial order.  You can be creative by playing that tension as if it was a tuned string.  If you continue to play, you will undergo a transformation that unifies art and nature.  You merge with everything. Continue reading


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Are You In or Out?

There are two ways to attune your attitude toward the natural environment.  You can generally view it as an outside “thing” to be tamed, shaped, mastered and utilized for resources.  Or you can look at the whole as being an ecosystem, which you are a part of, not an outside agent to. Continue reading


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Here Are More Reasons

I like to leave my back yard wild.

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Work In Progress

As promised, here are some views of what’s been going on at Casa Deluxe. Continue reading


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Sticky Light

I took a walk past a really old farm. Continue reading


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Serpents and Seers

How’s this for a renovation?  This is part of the second and third floor exterior of Casa Batlló in Barcelona.  The building was already 27 years old when architects Antoni Gaudí and Josep Maria Jujol began work in 1904, and over a two year period they transformed the formerly ordinary structure into what the locals now call the Casa dels ossos (House of Bones). Continue reading


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