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Free Electric Service

There were several responses to yesterday’s post that touched on BIG ISSUES.  That’s one of the things I like best about the interactivity of blog-world.  It is sometimes an extended issues panel dedicated to the exploration of essential philosophical questions.  I’m going to ask some of you to suspend disbelief willingly for the sake of examining a question.  Let’s assume God exists, just as a hypothetical construct, in order to frame this examination.  Why would God allow all the terrible, unjust, unfair things that happen to innocent people? Continue reading


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Adventures in Woo-Woo (Pt.1)

You See What You Want To See

If you think I was always directed by traditional rational and scientific forms of inquiry you would be mistaken.  Despite having great respect for logic and evidence due to a love of Greek philosophy and writings fostered in childhood, I spent many years in energetic pursuit of every kind of woo-woo imaginable.  If you haven’t read my concept of “woo-woo” you can check that out first: Continue reading


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Connect, Disconnect, Reconnect

This is a ferry dock.  I made a connection here.

We are born connected to our mothers.  When we are infants, being separate from them hurts.  It’s a searing agony.  If we are apart too long, the disconnection will scar us.  In loving arms, at a welcoming breast, in blessed relief we reconnect. Continue reading


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