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Tales of the Table (Finale)

Internship Stories

In order to qualify to take licensing tests student technologists go through months of unpaid full-time work at clinics and hospitals.  The exams they perform are real, but there’s always a licensed tech with them who retains responsibility in case anything goes wrong.  Nothing went wrong at any place I worked that could harm a patient.  However, there were unexpected events that occurred.  Students need to experience these kinds of things so they will know how to react.  Sometimes a patient’s condition will change rapidly, and you must react properly in crises. Continue reading


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Dragon Bones

As I have hinted in some comments and previous posts, we are moving.  I’ve been making boxes and packing them while the house upgrades have been underway.  During our 15 years of marriage, our combined incomes rose and then fell.  A decade ago, we were pulling in a robust six figures.  Now we make an amount in the middle of the five figures. Continue reading


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