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Thanks for Writing

… and for reading.

A very poetic and concise writer, whose name I assume is Trish (http://actionfiguretrish.com/) “liked” my last post.  When I went over to her space, she had posted a reminder of an incredibly gracious and meaningful speech I read a long time ago and had forgotten. Continue reading


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St. Patrick Begat WordPress?

Patricius was born in a part of Britain under Roman rule in the year 387.  His grandfather was a priest, and his father a deacon.  His home was near enough to the coast that when pirate raiders came they took him for a slave.  He was in his teens.  He was taken to Ireland Continue reading


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You MUST Meet Mr. Dickens

The novels and stories of Charles Dickens, and the adaptations of them for other media, speak to us and teach us about our own times.  They are easy to read and filled with characters whose qualities we can see in ourselves and others.  If you haven’t met Mr. Dickens, you’ve missed a great pleasure. Continue reading


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