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Trance Planting

High Desert Dream, by Sam Weis

One of the nice things about having creative friends is that you enjoy and pay attention to their work, and it inspires you to produce work yourself.  It’s an effect of the originating energy of all art. Continue reading


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Scratching Post

The cats and I each have items used to exercise our paws.

My period of relevance has passed.  I’m enjoying my life very much, but I know I am out-of-sync with current culture. Continue reading


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It’s The End!

People keep reminding me the world is set to end this Saturday.  I love apocalyptic stories.  In my mind they merge with all those bad movies I grew up on in the ‘50s, the ones where radiation transforms things into giant, angry whatevers. Continue reading


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Eight Miles High

It’s raining so hard the rhododendrons are losing their petals.  When I was little I didn’t like rain, but I’ve changed.  My desert-born wife loves rain.  It rained like this on our wedding day, one of the luckiest days of my life. Continue reading


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Leo Kills a Chicken

My house is still in makeover mode.  It’s hard to concentrate, so I’m going out again.  Here’s something to enjoy while I’m gone.  It fits into our previous discussion about raising and killing animals Continue reading


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The Sensuous Strings (Part Three)

Close Encounters with Genius

Whether you are a dedicated amateur (like me), or a trained professional musician, at some point you have wished to stand upon the shoulders of a giant.  There was someone you knew (or knew of) who played in a way you wished you could play.  Their playing was part of what drove you to practice Continue reading


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