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Dying to Work

In considering my tendency toward overwork combined with the useful responses I received toward how to view that, or change it, I realized something I had not taken into account.  One’s view of the nature and purpose of work varies depending on the age and time of life of whoever’s examining the question. Continue reading


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Oddest Jobs Ever (Finale)

Job #4 — Human Search Engine

I had decided to transition from being in front of the camera to going behind the scenes.  I needed something to tide me over while my contract with a theatrical agent ran out. Continue reading


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Oddest Jobs Ever (Part Three)

There are vast industries dedicated to servicing our “animal” desires.  In this country we aren’t able to face our desire for sexual gratification very honestly.  By that I mean our culture as a whole.  Certainly some individuals can handle it better than others.  Those who can view it more dispassionately can live pretty large off providing fantasy to the adult public. Continue reading


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Oddest Jobs Ever (Part Two)

Some jobs can create an altered state of consciousness.  I picked this next job based entirely upon the offered salary, which was quite high for the time.  I didn’t understand that jobs involving risk, crazy hours and weird conditions merit what might be called “combat pay”. Continue reading


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Oddest Jobs Ever (Part One)

When I was reading comments to a previous post I realized some people think of a job like medical imaging as unusual.  I guess compared to retail sales or office work it is.  However my experience encompasses some REALLY weird jobs. Continue reading


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