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Terrorism in the Old West


The murders at the offices of Charlie Hebdo didn’t surprise me, because of an odd personal coincidence. One of the very first movies I remember affecting me deeply as a child contained a similar incident. I have replayed this act of onscreen brutality many times in my mind.  When you’re a child, you believe what you see. To me it was history, a real incident, not drama. As a result, I have understood since then that there are “bad guys” who will kill because someone prints things they disagree with. Continue reading


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Wheel of Fortune

I’m hundreds of miles north of the town where the fish ladder was.  In a few hundred miles I will arrive at my final destination.  Driving the open road is wonderful for contemplation.  Walking it would be even better, but I don’t have the time.  I have to get there and look for a job. Continue reading


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