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Thanks All Round

It’s been a good week.  The rest of the country has been uncomfortably hot, but until yesterday it was raining most days in my little town, and I sometimes felt sad without reason.  I chose to live at the geographic edge of a rain forest.  It would be silly to expect it to be drier.  Perhaps I’m still adjusting to not living in the artificial oasis of El Lay. Continue reading


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Thanks for Writing

… and for reading.

A very poetic and concise writer, whose name I assume is Trish (http://actionfiguretrish.com/) “liked” my last post.  When I went over to her space, she had posted a reminder of an incredibly gracious and meaningful speech I read a long time ago and had forgotten. Continue reading


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Connect, Disconnect, Reconnect

This is a ferry dock.  I made a connection here.

We are born connected to our mothers.  When we are infants, being separate from them hurts.  It’s a searing agony.  If we are apart too long, the disconnection will scar us.  In loving arms, at a welcoming breast, in blessed relief we reconnect. Continue reading


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