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The Miraculous Power of the Beatles

(This clip will probably disappear when Apple discovers it.)

I was working as a children’s photographer at a Sears store. It was unfulfilling work. I had a pal I met in high school whose name was Terra. She was very pretty, was one of the prom queens, and had been in “swim timers”. She was also interested in service work. In high school I took photos of all the clubs. That’s how Terra and I became friends. Continue reading


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The Avengers Disassembled

I didn’t see any of the past superhero movies based on Marvel Comics characters in theaters.  It takes a lot to get me to go to movie theaters so I can listen to strangers eat like cows in order to view a screen larger than my TV. Continue reading


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Homage Fromage

Two mutts at breakfast.

The Artist, this year’s most-nominated film, is simultaneously reverent and cheesy. Continue reading


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Long Shadows

Film styles reflect the historical times they emerge from, and the cultures in those times.  That’s why genres get named after they happen.  When a new trend is first happening, the audiences and filmmakers are too close to see it in a broad perspective.  Sometimes it’s an effect of public concerns, like the way fear about the danger of the atomic bomb got translated into all those movies about GIANT BUGS and GODZILLA. Continue reading


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Los Rayos Equis

This is a picture of my cute little ray-gun, with which I made bone pictures today.  It’s a basic machine, and unlike most x-ray machines in current use it’s set up to shoot films. Continue reading


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Fly on the Wall (Part Four)

Watching the Actors

As I wrote before, I hadn’t ever worked for the duration of an entire feature film, so I was fascinated watching the actors in Number One With a Bullet. Continue reading


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Fly on the Wall (Part Three)

The Sound Lounge

Coolness is a hard thing to categorize.  Being genuinely cool is by definition, a rare thing. Continue reading


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Fly on the Wall (Part Two)

The Workman

Telling this man’s story is a way to repay the debt I feel I owe to him. Continue reading


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Fly on the Wall (Part One)

Learning the Job

Before I qualified for membership in the acting unions, I had a manager who (for 15%) would send me out on non-union jobs for films and TV that might offer some opportunity for networking. Continue reading


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You Don’t Know Jack

You don’t know him, but every time you watch a film or scripted TV show you are following his footsteps. Jack invented a profession essential to the way we perceive stories projected on screens. That profession bears his last name. Continue reading

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