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Essential Cuban Films You Should Know

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Controversial Films (Pt. 3)

Sex! Violence! Politics! (The Late Sixties)

In the 1960s, a number of factors converged to produce changes in what were acceptable subjects for filmmaking.  In America, the studio system was in sharp decline, and the self-censorship rules known as the “Hays code” were abandoned.  There were “new wave” movements in England and France as well as the U.S.  Independent films made with smaller budgets and crews were finding larger audiences.  These kinds of movies covered topics rejected by the more risk-averse studios. Continue reading


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Controversial Films (Part One)

Clansmen, Commies, Catholics and Climaxes

“What am I, Gandalf of Arabia?”

All movies are propaganda in the sense that they try to persuade the audience to believe that what’s on the screen is “real”.  It’s always an illusion. Continue reading


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Avatar – Movie or Theme-park Ride?

Spoiler Alert:  If you happen to see my cat, Spoiler, who got out last night, don’t try to pick him up.  You’ll get scratched.  As far as the film under discussion goes, anybody who’s seen the trailer knows what it’s about.  It’s pretty much unspoilable at this point. Continue reading


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