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Enlighten Me

A m clouds

You are on one side of a closed door.  There are other rooms on the other side of the door.  You can’t see them, but you know they are there.  When you were traveling through the space between sleeping and waking, you remember having been on the other side of the door. Continue reading


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Adventures in Woo-Woo (Pt.1)

You See What You Want To See

If you think I was always directed by traditional rational and scientific forms of inquiry you would be mistaken.  Despite having great respect for logic and evidence due to a love of Greek philosophy and writings fostered in childhood, I spent many years in energetic pursuit of every kind of woo-woo imaginable.  If you haven’t read my concept of “woo-woo” you can check that out first: Continue reading


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Yellow Brick Road

You’ll have a richer experience of life if you can look below the surface.  Our lives have meaning beyond what they appear to be outwardly.  A big part of learning to understand anything in more depth is to be able to make connections and recognize why and how things represent other things that are bigger in scope and more universal in significance.

That’s why I love the arts.  Great works of art open the door Continue reading


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Momentary Enlightenment

My attention drifts.  Does yours?  I have to anchor it by tying it down to tasks.  Ok, I’m making breakfast.  I concentrate on that.  Now I’m brushing my teeth.  Focus on that.  Suddenly, quietly, inexplicably and unpredictably I may be visited by a LUCID MOMENT. Continue reading


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