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Too Much Love

The Red Roofs by Camille Pissaro (1877)

Many published posts about LOVE around Valentine’s Day.  Love is always important. It’s also possible to have too much to handle. Continue reading


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Turn of the Wheel

Soon after the turn of the millennium, we took a sailing vacation on the boat my wife’s friends had built.  I once lived on a 25 foot boat for a couple of years, but this one was over 50 feet long, with several rooms, electricity and an array of instruments and computer-assisted navigation aids.  It was built to sail anywhere.  I had not expected we would sail into a time portal. Continue reading


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Destination Unknown

I apologize for not getting back to you folks out in this sea of ether we share here.  I’ve been pulling extra shifts to make up for wages lost while I was looking for work.  I haven’t been performing a lot of x-ray exams during the day, but when I go to swing shift at the dementia care afterward, everything and everyone requires examination. Continue reading


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