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Dream Engines

I’ve been away from the computer, recharging my imagination.  The weather has been unwilling to decide which season it is.  It rains, the sun breaks out, it rains again, and so on.  The constant changes have invigorated my unconscious.  I’m waking up with memories of my dreams Continue reading


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Turn of the Wheel

Soon after the turn of the millennium, we took a sailing vacation on the boat my wife’s friends had built.  I once lived on a 25 foot boat for a couple of years, but this one was over 50 feet long, with several rooms, electricity and an array of instruments and computer-assisted navigation aids.  It was built to sail anywhere.  I had not expected we would sail into a time portal. Continue reading


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Momentary Enlightenment

My attention drifts.  Does yours?  I have to anchor it by tying it down to tasks.  Ok, I’m making breakfast.  I concentrate on that.  Now I’m brushing my teeth.  Focus on that.  Suddenly, quietly, inexplicably and unpredictably I may be visited by a LUCID MOMENT. Continue reading


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