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Seeing Red


Redhawk logo designed by Eric Wahlquist

I have lately had the privilege of simultaneously seeing both a big and small town way to resolve controversy over the name of a sports team. Continue reading


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Video Aloha

As I have mentioned before, my Brother and others in my family are into Hawaiian culture and music.  He just sent me this, and it’s nice so I’m passing it along.  He’s the guy with the reddish beard playing fretless bass ukelele behind the singer Continue reading


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Seeing Further

When I look out my windows, I can see a mountain range.  These peaks rise majestically out of the Pacific Ocean.  They have been called by many names.  The Duwamish people called them Sun-a-do.  The Klallam, who lived 10,000 years ago where my town is now, gave them a name meaning “thunderbird”.

I’ve never lived in sight of mountains before.  I’m trying to open myself to whatever kind of powers they hold. Continue reading


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The Joy of Rituals

The long-simmering kettle of universal spirit reduces varied traditions down to their elements.  This produces a stock for the making of future soups.  I just sang in the choir (and was a shepherd) in an Epiphany pageant marking the end of the twelve days of Christmas, the triumph of wisdom over ignorant forces, and the passing of the life force from the old year into the new.

It’s called the Boar’s Head and Yule Log Festival.  Like Christmas, it has come to us from many different times and places.  The origins are pagan, Roman, Viking, Christian and Medieval, all at once. Continue reading


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Adventures in Woo-Woo (Pt.2)

One True Reading

When deciding whether or not to undergo a medical procedure there’s a guideline used called “risk vs. benefit”.  Every procedure has risks, but if the potential benefits heavily outweigh them your doctor will advise you of the situation and recommend you accept the risk and consent to the procedure.  Another way of looking at it would be “upside vs. downside”.  In my experience, the biggest problem I encountered in exploring the nature and character of the unseen world was that it takes a ridiculous amount of time sorting out and throwing away the nonsense and non-useful results in order to gain a small nugget of valid information. Continue reading


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Serpents and Seers

How’s this for a renovation?  This is part of the second and third floor exterior of Casa Batlló in Barcelona.  The building was already 27 years old when architects Antoni Gaudí and Josep Maria Jujol began work in 1904, and over a two year period they transformed the formerly ordinary structure into what the locals now call the Casa dels ossos (House of Bones). Continue reading


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