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Page to Screen

Books and movies aren’t the same thing.  That should be obvious on the face of it, but I’ve read hundreds of articles here and in all kinds of publications that miss that central, inescapable point.  A film adaptation will never, can never and shouldn’t be evaluated on the basis of being “like the book”. Continue reading


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I Hated It, and I’m Right

What do you mean you don’t think this is great acting? I’m not moving, not blinking and I’m speaking brilliant sarcasm as fast as humanly possible. Continue reading


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Kindness vs. Honesty

I’m sure all of you have faced the kindness vs. honesty dilemma before.  The one I hate dealing with is my wife’s theme and variations on “How does this make me look?”  If I answer truthfully “Like disco is still the latest thing and the Bee Gees asked a woman to join” I’m liable to be sleeping by myself that night. Continue reading


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