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Money & Values

The Ethics Test Answers + Reflections on the Comments

This tree has roots in my neighborhood.

First off, I want to offer my heartfelt thanks to all those who participated in the Ethics Test exercise immediately preceding this post, including those who just read it.  It’s gratifying to see that people think about these things and care about them, as I do.  One day when I got dressed I put my cash in the same back pocket as my wallet, which I don’t do usually. Continue reading


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Ethics Test

A New Three-Day Contest!

There’s a diner a couple of blocks from the clinic where I work.  I often go there, but not always.  Sometimes I bring food to work from home, or there are other places to eat nearby.  When I went to the diner for lunch, one of the waitresses approached me.  She asked if I had lost some money a few days ago.  Now, let’s assume I’m seriously broke (which I am). Continue reading


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Great Blogs (Part Three)

They Say Things Are Big in Texas…

Do you remember your teenage years?  Before I found out it was about Michelangelo, I assumed from the title that The Agony and the Ecstasy was about teenagers. Continue reading


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Great Blogs (Part One)

Our Fish Ladder Contest Winners (and an Honorable Mention)

Two of our readers guessed Roseburg, Oregon, within 3 miles of Mikey’s true location, which was: Continue reading


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Looking for the Ladder

The lower left quadrant of this photo displays a FISH LADDER.

I’m totally exhausted, but reading about an End of the World guessing contest offered by Simple Sci-man, and won by lianamerlo put me in a good mood and opened me up to the deeper meaning of this Continue reading


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