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An Inclusive Border

Our front deck is 35 years old.  It’s been rained on often enough over the years to penetrate the paint and sealant and cause rot.  We considered how to repair and replace it, and talked with local carpenters over the past two years. Continue reading


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Small Town Stress

There’s one main two-lane road into town.  Right at the border, the city is putting in two roundabouts.  The traffic flow stops for 10-15 minutes, first in one direction, and then the opposite way.  Because I just escaped from megalopolis, this kind of delay is nothing much Continue reading


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Veneer of Civilization

We are deep in the process of home upgrades.  The kitchen has been de-constructed.  We want to sell our house, so we asked real estate agents, stagers and people who are looking to buy what people want to see most.  Every single one said, “granite in the kitchen”.  Hmm. Continue reading


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