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Gay Marriage Is Not Against Biblical Authority

I wish I could have been as articulate as Kevin Daugherty during the thousands of arguments I’ve been in, supporting these views in opposition to others relying on scripture to justify oppression.


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from “Koyaanisqatsi” (1982)

One of the most notable of human qualities is our ability to adapt technology to solve problems.  Another would be our inability to stop “solving” the same problem over and over again to the point of over-solving problems to degrees they don’t exist.  If it aint broke, we MUST fix it. Continue reading


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The warehouse of unopened boxes in Citizen Kane (1941).

I’ve been thinking about a kind of imprisonment many of us struggle against – the cage of material possessions. Continue reading


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Sweet Little Lies

Telling the truth is considered a good thing.  In my care-giving job we can’t always do it and still be ethical.  Our first duty is to preserve the lives of our guests, the residents of the Dementia Care community.  Disease has robbed them of their capacity to make decisions consistent with their desire to live in safety.  We can’t allow them full freedom to act or they would die. Continue reading


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Endless Rewards

If you read my last post, about my first day working as a care-giver at a dementia care facility, you might have gotten the mistaken impression that it’s depressing. Continue reading


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Subduing the Demon

We are animals.  When animals get stressed there’s an adaptation response called “fight or flight”.  It’s more like fight, flee or freeze, but the point is it’s biological.  It’s a built-in.  You can learn how to use it properly, but you can not keep it from happening.  When you get stressed, adrenaline will pump into your system, and adrenaline can turn you into a monster. Continue reading


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Open Arms

These are dollies.  More than a hundred will be heading to a tent-city of 60,000 in Haiti next week.  There are a lot of kids there who have lost more than their dollies, so the folks at church made something for them to hold on to. Continue reading


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Cultivating Compassion

We are supposed to care.  We are told it’s the right thing to do.  Even without being told that, you care don’t you?  It’s built into us. We are social animals. When other people (or other animals, or the Earth our mother) get hurt, we feel the urge to do something about it. Continue reading


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