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Dondo and Cell Microtower

We talk within contexts, in groups, in culture, varying with the situation or occasion.  I’m trying to collapse the different levels, and unite modernity with tribal spirit.  At the most basic level, we pass messages as animals.  We smile or show other facial reactions within each other’s sight.  It’s more elementary than language. Continue reading


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From Here to There

We exist within our bodies.  Our bodies allow us a means of expression and communication.  We are not, however, our bodies. Continue reading


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Destination Unknown

I apologize for not getting back to you folks out in this sea of ether we share here.  I’ve been pulling extra shifts to make up for wages lost while I was looking for work.  I haven’t been performing a lot of x-ray exams during the day, but when I go to swing shift at the dementia care afterward, everything and everyone requires examination. Continue reading


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Make Me a Saint, Already

While I’m trying to get an interview with full-time x-ray employers (only one for per diem so far besides the part-time job I have), I’ve opened up my job targets to include, well, anything vaguely medical in the immediate vicinity.  Mikey gots bills to pay.  Today was my first day as a care-giver at a dementia facility. Continue reading


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Connect, Disconnect, Reconnect

This is a ferry dock.  I made a connection here.

We are born connected to our mothers.  When we are infants, being separate from them hurts.  It’s a searing agony.  If we are apart too long, the disconnection will scar us.  In loving arms, at a welcoming breast, in blessed relief we reconnect. Continue reading


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We Are All Invisible

To be honest, I always intended to write about this at some point.  Since one of my dear readers asked directly, that’s an indicator that it’s time to do so.

What do I mean by “invisible”?  I mean anonymous, to go about unnoticed on purpose.  There have been advantages to being invisible throughout my life, so I have cultivated more invisibility.  Here’s some of the backstory: Continue reading


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I Petted a Whale

The history of humanity’s mistreatment of our co-inhabitants on Earth is an epic tale of woe.  Today I want to offer a more redemptive one.  It didn’t right past wrongs.  It wasn’t of great scientific importance.  It is, however, a true story.  I was there. Continue reading


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