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All-Star Day Off Silly Song Playlist

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Act Three

Because her mother has moved to the area, that baby (my Brother’s Granddaughter) from a previous post (here/) visited my home last weekend.  She’s nine months old already, and she says “BAP-fff!” with specific emphasis.

The legends about the members of my tribe have something in common.  If you look at the life stories of those in my extended family as if they were plays, there’s a similar arc of development.  We all have chaotic first acts. Continue reading


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Deluxe Gift Baskets (#2)

Tragedy Tomorrow, Comedy Tonight!

detail from the Universal Comedy Flow Chart, care of the Ministry of Secret Jokes http://www.ministryofsecretjokes.com/

There’s nothing I like better than a good laugh.  It’s better than a good meal.  A unique gift of the human species is the ability to observe tragic circumstances and see humor in it. There’s nothing we can’t find funny; funerals, starvation, alcoholism, bad smells and bankruptcy. Continue reading


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The 18 Degree Tilt

Eugene opens his thermos.  When he attempts to pour himself a glass of milk, it comes out at an angle, missing the glass.  When Ernie Kovacs presented this trick, it had never been done before. Continue reading


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The Village Martinet

The On-Camera Martin Clunes

British TV shows are better than American ones.  I’m sorry, there’s no other position to take. Continue reading


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She’s OK, He’s Kinda Weird

Oliver and Lisa Douglas, and their neighbor’s son Arnold Ziffel.

In transitioning from a big town to a small town, I’ve been thinking back on the rich history of television comedies about this topic.  Comedy emerges from contrasts and conflicts. Continue reading


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