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Mikey’s Absurdly Geeky Oscar Trivia Quiz

"Tutankhamun And The Golden Age Of The Pharaohs" Exhibit OpeningIn Search of Ancient Oscars

Did you know the word “quiz” originally meant an odd person?  That’s from the Oxford English Dictionary.  In the days before the Internet I used to read dictionaries and reference indexes while in residence upon the porcelain throne.  Some prefer magazines, I’m told. Continue reading


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The Avengers Disassembled

I didn’t see any of the past superhero movies based on Marvel Comics characters in theaters.  It takes a lot to get me to go to movie theaters so I can listen to strangers eat like cows in order to view a screen larger than my TV. Continue reading


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Films for At-Risk Youth

When I was a lonely, nerdy little boy in peril, I learned important survival tips and got cheap therapy from seeing movies about other young ones who were having a hard time. Continue reading


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Homage Fromage

Two mutts at breakfast.

The Artist, this year’s most-nominated film, is simultaneously reverent and cheesy. Continue reading


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Page to Screen

Books and movies aren’t the same thing.  That should be obvious on the face of it, but I’ve read hundreds of articles here and in all kinds of publications that miss that central, inescapable point.  A film adaptation will never, can never and shouldn’t be evaluated on the basis of being “like the book”. Continue reading


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10 Scares You Shouldn’t Miss

It’s less than two weeks until Halloween, the holiday that empowers children, usually the victims of the rest of the big, scary world, to become the scary ones themselves for one night.  All of us were children once.  Now that we’ve survived, it’s fun to look back on the kinds of things that once filled us with fear.  Here are ten seldom seen spooky movies to get you in the right mood. Continue reading


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Return of the Son of Bad Movies

An Antidote for Awards Season

Bad art dissolves the hairballs in my overworked heart.  It is normally made with good intentions.  It’s just that somewhere in the process things go screwy. Continue reading


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I Hated It, and I’m Right

What do you mean you don’t think this is great acting? I’m not moving, not blinking and I’m speaking brilliant sarcasm as fast as humanly possible. Continue reading


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Movies about Work

I don’t usually write list-based posts, but I enjoy reading them so I suppose it can’t hurt to write one every so often.  I learn a lot from books, but over the course of my lifetime it’s usually films that change my mind and make me think about things differently.  Films begin as a very serious form of writing Continue reading


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Yellow Brick Road

You’ll have a richer experience of life if you can look below the surface.  Our lives have meaning beyond what they appear to be outwardly.  A big part of learning to understand anything in more depth is to be able to make connections and recognize why and how things represent other things that are bigger in scope and more universal in significance.

That’s why I love the arts.  Great works of art open the door Continue reading


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Long Shadows

Film styles reflect the historical times they emerge from, and the cultures in those times.  That’s why genres get named after they happen.  When a new trend is first happening, the audiences and filmmakers are too close to see it in a broad perspective.  Sometimes it’s an effect of public concerns, like the way fear about the danger of the atomic bomb got translated into all those movies about GIANT BUGS and GODZILLA. Continue reading


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Drawn by Lot

When it’s Christmas season, I like to watch lots of Christmas movies and listen to and sing as many of those familiar songs as I can.  It opens the door to many memories, both good and bad ones, and allows me to have a rich experience and new understanding at a time of year when people act differently than they do normally. Continue reading

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Fly on the Wall (Part Four)

Watching the Actors

As I wrote before, I hadn’t ever worked for the duration of an entire feature film, so I was fascinated watching the actors in Number One With a Bullet. Continue reading


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Fly on the Wall (Part Two)

The Workman

Telling this man’s story is a way to repay the debt I feel I owe to him. Continue reading


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Fly on the Wall (Part One)

Learning the Job

Before I qualified for membership in the acting unions, I had a manager who (for 15%) would send me out on non-union jobs for films and TV that might offer some opportunity for networking. Continue reading


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L’Bad Cinema

The Joy of Awful

Not every film can be good.  It isn’t easy to make a good piece of any kind of art.  In my experience it’s almost as hard to create one that is spectacularly bad; in other words so bad it’s good. Continue reading


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I’m Ready For My Closeup!

In our lives, are we giving a performance or is it something more real?  I act differently around different people to some degree.  It’s not that who I’m with determines my behavior entirely.  It’s more like creating a rhythm with the other actor, so the show can go on.  When I’m with someone funny, I’m funnier too. Continue reading

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