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Where There is Charity

Our bodies are instruments, the first ones that were ever played.  Rhythm comes from our awareness of the beat of our hearts.  Melody is the practiced pattern of chosen pitches, but it originates in the verbal interactions between parents and children.  Our baby squeals reached higher and higher pitches.  It gave us delight.  Our parents lulled us to sleep using peaceful vocal tones.

Here’s another example of a song that has managed the trick of time-travel.  Many of you just heard a bit of it last Friday, but didn’t know how ancient it was.  I’ll show you the trail from long, long ago. Continue reading


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Help Out, Maybe?

I don’t ordinarily donate space here, but I wanted to be generous.  Jamie Hughes, who writes a lovely blog relating her cooking philosophy to an attitude of wholeness at home, is in need.  She’s completing her final project in a Sociology course and needs people to take an online survey. Continue reading


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Open Arms

These are dollies.  More than a hundred will be heading to a tent-city of 60,000 in Haiti next week.  There are a lot of kids there who have lost more than their dollies, so the folks at church made something for them to hold on to. Continue reading


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Cultivating Compassion

We are supposed to care.  We are told it’s the right thing to do.  Even without being told that, you care don’t you?  It’s built into us. We are social animals. When other people (or other animals, or the Earth our mother) get hurt, we feel the urge to do something about it. Continue reading


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