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Sad Thoughtful Mysterious Intimate Reverent Merry Redeemed

2013 Christmas Clip Show

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Weird, Retro, Whatevermas!

You can’t look good in that sweater.


You guys know I’m a fairly traditional sort of holiday observer, right?  No, really, it’s true.  STOP LAUGHING!!! Continue reading


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Head Full of Strange

… and happy to share.

 I saw King Kong (1933) as a young child – on TV

Thanks to a couple of comments on the last post, I’ve been thinking about some of the truly bizarre television shows that knock around in my memory. Continue reading


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The Best Unturned Stones

La Liseuse (The Reader) by Jean-Honoré Fragonard

It’s a holiday weekend, but I’m going to be working my tail off pulling extra shifts.  I won’t have time to visit with you lovely people for a few days.  Just in case you’ll miss me, here are my picks of FIVE GREAT EARLY POSTS Continue reading


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Companion on the Road

I had lunch at a place where a Mexican Mothership was landing, bringing to Earth the gift of Giant Cosmic Chiles.  I’ve been cranking around the Wheel really hard lately.  I landed a part-time job at an Urgent Care Clinic.  It’s not enough work to get my wife back, but it’s a start.  I needed a break. I took a bus to Seattle to see a show at the Paramount Theater, built in 1928.  It was given by performers I’ve listened to and loved on radio for 35 years. Continue reading


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Unanticipated Benefits

How Mom, Spike and Bugs Saved Me From the L.A. Rioters

The things you own and the things you do will influence your children.  Don’t assume you can predict what kind of impact it will have, though. Continue reading


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