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Scratching Post

The cats and I each have items used to exercise our paws.

My period of relevance has passed.  I’m enjoying my life very much, but I know I am out-of-sync with current culture. Continue reading


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The Best Unturned Stones

La Liseuse (The Reader) by Jean-Honoré Fragonard

It’s a holiday weekend, but I’m going to be working my tail off pulling extra shifts.  I won’t have time to visit with you lovely people for a few days.  Just in case you’ll miss me, here are my picks of FIVE GREAT EARLY POSTS Continue reading


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Video Vortex

There’s too much remodeling going on to write.

I can’t hear myself think!

Here’s some oddities to amuse you while I’m gone Continue reading


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Unanticipated Benefits

How Mom, Spike and Bugs Saved Me From the L.A. Rioters

The things you own and the things you do will influence your children.  Don’t assume you can predict what kind of impact it will have, though. Continue reading


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