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The Best of Mikey (so far)

Since I’m nearing 300 posts, it’s time for another retrospective.  These articles were among those most viewed, but more importantly, I thought they were good even when re-read. Continue reading


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Thanks All Round

It’s been a good week.  The rest of the country has been uncomfortably hot, but until yesterday it was raining most days in my little town, and I sometimes felt sad without reason.  I chose to live at the geographic edge of a rain forest.  It would be silly to expect it to be drier.  Perhaps I’m still adjusting to not living in the artificial oasis of El Lay. Continue reading


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Deja Vu All Over Again?

There’s a book (and later film) by Dalton Trumbo, one of the “Hollywood 10”, a screenwriter blacklisted in the 1950s.  It’s called “Johnny Got His Gun”.  In that story, a wounded soldier is only able to tap messages in Morse Code using the back of his head on his hospital bed frame.  His face and limbs were removed in an explosion.  Those caring for him assume he’s been de-cerebrated and has no original thought to contribute.  I feel a bit like that. Continue reading


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This Is Possible

It’s time for a re-statement of why I write here.  It isn’t just for me.  I have this strange vision of a place where almost everyone is welcome.  I’m committed to RADICAL INCLUSIVITY. Continue reading


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Small Town Free Press

For a couple of years before we moved from Los Angeles County (pop. gazillions) to Port Townsend, WA (pop. 9k), I read the weekly newspaper online as a way to familiarize myself with Washington’s issues and interests. Continue reading


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Awards, Schmords (Pt. 2)

My 7 Links

I.K. Brunel (1857), and his set of impressive links

This self-congratulatory award nomination was more fun than the usual “tell me secrets and nominate others” routine, because it requires you to mull things over a little in order to make choices based on their criteria. Continue reading


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Awards, Schmords (Pt. 1)

Everything is new to a puppy.

It’s time to clear out some backblog, er, blacklung, a-HEM, backlog on the blog.  I got nominated for two “awards” last week. Continue reading


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Room at the Top

Have any of you wondered what it would take for your blog to be one of the most popular out of thousands who write here?  When I got up today and peeked at this list, I felt like I had fallen down a rabbit hole. Continue reading


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The Post LESS Challenge

As I surf around WordPress and other blogging communities, all I see is encouragement about posting MORE.  How many times must I re-assert that more is not better?  Continue reading


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Tidying Up

This is what you see when you enter through my front door.

It’s Spring.  Time to clean up my Blogroll.  I don’t want this action to hurt anyone’s feelings, so instead of just doing it I want to explain a little.  In terms of design and possessions, I prefer less rather than more. Continue reading


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What, Me Stylish?

No one epitomized stylish more than Fred Astaire.  If you say that word, I think of him.  And don’t give me the “Ginger Rogers did it backwards and in heels” line.  Fred and Hermes Pan made up the routines.  Ginger only learned them Continue reading


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Oy, GeSPAMmen ach Ptui!

Yes, attacken I’ve been last lately,with enticed agreement comments attempkin.  Enjoyed have I to restrain over 200 hits fauxlicks fromm countirees like rooshuh, toorkey, n roomainia.  They’re even some from izreel and chihnah. Whiyem eye sohh speshuil?  Wel, no madder, Ima gunna killem!!!  Hearz sum examples:

“I’d be inclined to consent with you on this. Which is not something I typically do! I love reading a post that will make people think.” Continue reading


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Deluxe Gift Baskets (#4)

“There is only one disease – congestion,

and only one cure – circulation”

— Chinese proverb

Here are some blogs I read for body health info.  I want to be healthy for whatever time I’m going to live inside this bottle Continue reading


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Deluxe Gift Baskets (#2)

Tragedy Tomorrow, Comedy Tonight!

detail from the Universal Comedy Flow Chart, care of the Ministry of Secret Jokes http://www.ministryofsecretjokes.com/

There’s nothing I like better than a good laugh.  It’s better than a good meal.  A unique gift of the human species is the ability to observe tragic circumstances and see humor in it. There’s nothing we can’t find funny; funerals, starvation, alcoholism, bad smells and bankruptcy. Continue reading


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Great Blogs (Part Three)

They Say Things Are Big in Texas…

Do you remember your teenage years?  Before I found out it was about Michelangelo, I assumed from the title that The Agony and the Ecstasy was about teenagers. Continue reading


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Great Blogs (Part One)

Our Fish Ladder Contest Winners (and an Honorable Mention)

Two of our readers guessed Roseburg, Oregon, within 3 miles of Mikey’s true location, which was: Continue reading


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Kindness vs. Honesty

I’m sure all of you have faced the kindness vs. honesty dilemma before.  The one I hate dealing with is my wife’s theme and variations on “How does this make me look?”  If I answer truthfully “Like disco is still the latest thing and the Bee Gees asked a woman to join” I’m liable to be sleeping by myself that night. Continue reading


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