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Queen of Denial

“Some people said I couldn’t sing,

but no one could say I didn’t sing.”

Let me begin on a positive note.  Singing is good for everyone, and learning to love music will enrich your life.  But you ought to be better than average before charging people money to see you perform, unless you are destined to be among the best of the worst. Continue reading


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Music for the Silly

A detail from John Stump’s “Faerie’s Aire and Death Waltz”

Humans are toolmakers.  They also make music.  This can be taken to absurd extremes.  Given sufficient time and will, you can try making music out of almost anything.  That doesn’t mean it won’t turn out weird. Continue reading


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The Bad Art War

Once upon a time we lived next door to a couple who had specific ideas about what should or shouldn’t be done with a garden box. Continue reading


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Bad Art in the Boonies

There is one restaurant within walking distance of the Motel 2 ½ where we are living.  It’s swimming in bad art. Continue reading


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