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For the Glory!

ksr1Our season of festivals ends each year with a contest.  You can’t win by being the best.  The results have no value except to amuse.  It’s a celebration of imagination, combining art and adaptive mechanics.  It’s a Kinetic Sculpture race!  No advanced degrees required. Continue reading


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Internet Justice

There were these college students who were objecting to huge hikes in tuition.  It’s one of those “clear messages” people have been demanding of protesters in the Occupy movement. Continue reading


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La Belle et La Bete (1946)

There’s a tension that exists between natural and artificial order.  You can be creative by playing that tension as if it was a tuned string.  If you continue to play, you will undergo a transformation that unifies art and nature.  You merge with everything. Continue reading


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The Reassuring Illusion of Originality

(Do you think I care if you copy this?)

When I read the refrain “Give credit where it’s due” being parroted by people who assume they originated what they produce, and that no one has ever done it before (so they should own it) it makes me crazy! Continue reading


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