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We Have a Few Forms…

I apologize for being unable to provide you all with any amusement or ideas to chew on right now.  There’s a lot of paperwork involved in buying a house Continue reading


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Small is Beautiful

How much is enough?  How much is too much?  How much house do people really need?  Some believe that these questions are matters of personal preference with only the need to consider how much you have to spend on acquisition and ownership.  I think that’s too narrow a perspective.  We live on an island in space.  There’s only so much water, air and land for all beings to share. Continue reading


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Hunters vs. Gatherers

This will probably be the most chauvinistic post I’ve written, but I’m no saint and I have some ranting to do.  Women are SO different from men when it comes to making choices, and right now it’s driving me around the bend a little.  Men hunt.  Women gather.  Continue reading


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Unseen & Outspoken

Interview with an Invisible

Continue reading


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Most Evil Job Ever

Some of my readers urged me to write about another odd job I held once, but at the time I deferred because it was an unusual experience of real evil, the kind that swims in the dark river of sludge beneath all capitalism. Continue reading


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Oddest Jobs Ever (Finale)

Job #4 — Human Search Engine

I had decided to transition from being in front of the camera to going behind the scenes.  I needed something to tide me over while my contract with a theatrical agent ran out. Continue reading


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Oddest Jobs Ever (Part Two)

Some jobs can create an altered state of consciousness.  I picked this next job based entirely upon the offered salary, which was quite high for the time.  I didn’t understand that jobs involving risk, crazy hours and weird conditions merit what might be called “combat pay”. Continue reading


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Oddest Jobs Ever (Part One)

When I was reading comments to a previous post I realized some people think of a job like medical imaging as unusual.  I guess compared to retail sales or office work it is.  However my experience encompasses some REALLY weird jobs. Continue reading


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Dragon Bones

As I have hinted in some comments and previous posts, we are moving.  I’ve been making boxes and packing them while the house upgrades have been underway.  During our 15 years of marriage, our combined incomes rose and then fell.  A decade ago, we were pulling in a robust six figures.  Now we make an amount in the middle of the five figures. Continue reading


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Veneer of Civilization

We are deep in the process of home upgrades.  The kitchen has been de-constructed.  We want to sell our house, so we asked real estate agents, stagers and people who are looking to buy what people want to see most.  Every single one said, “granite in the kitchen”.  Hmm. Continue reading


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More is Not Better

The lives of ordinary workers in the U.S. are full of pressure, anxiety and isolation.  People are told they should live in big homes and drive big cars and own big televisions.  We need big garages to park in and big closets for all those shoes and clothes.  The cost of all this excess is much bigger than the amount of money needed to pay for it. Continue reading

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