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The Best of Mikey (so far)

Since I’m nearing 300 posts, it’s time for another retrospective.  These articles were among those most viewed, but more importantly, I thought they were good even when re-read. Continue reading


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Everybody’s Wrong!

Many bats, like this leaf-nosed one, see quite well.

We had a particularly stimulating FULL CONTACT TRIVIA contest at the bar last weekend. Continue reading


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Steampunk Snaps

Agent O (Men in Brown – 1895)

My outfit took a turn toward spywear, an appropriate expression of my personality.  I found an African metal object in my box of odd accessories, stuck it on the coat as a badge, and became a Victorian paranormal operative. Continue reading


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Why, no…What were you thinking about?

A nice amateur couple. Continue reading


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All-Star Day Off Silly Song Playlist

Continue reading


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My Wonderful, Hideous, Golden Opportunity

No one suspected that cuddly, lovable Spice was also…

THE HELLHOUND Continue reading


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Commedia dell Farte

Look, I know you moms must go through this sort of thing. Continue reading


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I Put a Spell on Me

Hmmm…  Better trim up for work. Continue reading


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Black Pepper Friday?

The region of the United States I used to be from is well known for setting trends.  Folks there are the pioneers of all sorts of innovations, good and bad.  A couple of holiday seasons back, prospective customers in Palm Springs were shooting each other over the availability of some price-reduced TVs.  I’m glad to say that sort of dangerous behavior has evolved and improved since. Continue reading


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Internet Justice

There were these college students who were objecting to huge hikes in tuition.  It’s one of those “clear messages” people have been demanding of protesters in the Occupy movement. Continue reading


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Stupid Cloud

We see a gray finger of beach from out front – Beckett’s Point

The past few days have been, well, I’m not sure how to explain it. Continue reading


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Head Full of Strange

… and happy to share.

 I saw King Kong (1933) as a young child – on TV

Thanks to a couple of comments on the last post, I’ve been thinking about some of the truly bizarre television shows that knock around in my memory. Continue reading


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Five Fabulous Sound Fx

Don Martin proved you can also do sound fx with invented words.

You may have heard the expression “seeing is believing”?  If you’re talking about accepting the reality of what’s presented in a TV show or film, then hearing is believing. Continue reading


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I’m Still Alive

… and still silly.

By 9am on Judgment Day I hadn’t seen anything dire except gray skies and a bit of drizzle.  I watched Turner Classic Movies and drank coffee.  Buddy saved Buck Rogers from the clutches of Killer Kane, and then Tarzan and Boy met a chorus girl on her way to warn a sheik about Nazis. Continue reading


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It’s The End!

People keep reminding me the world is set to end this Saturday.  I love apocalyptic stories.  In my mind they merge with all those bad movies I grew up on in the ‘50s, the ones where radiation transforms things into giant, angry whatevers. Continue reading


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The Vortex of Audio Horror

When I was a kid I liked a comic book about a muscular guy in the year 4000 who wore a, well, “tunic”.  Kind of homoerotic, but my sexuality was ambiguous when I was eight.  Magnus, Robot Fighter was an orphan raised by a kindly sort of Zen robot to be able to break steel with his bare hands.  He needed to do this because humanity was being taken over by evil robots run by a mega-corporation, and people needed a champion. Continue reading


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Cheap Things No One Needs

(It’s easy to find copies of movies that show on TV all the time.)

There were few patients today at the Urgent Care where I work, so I spent a pleasant hour at the thrift store nearby.  Thrift stores in the Pacific Northwest are exceptionally good.  There are unbelievable deals on clothing and household goods.  People recycle their excess possessions with great dedication in this region.  But what I like best is to window shop the media items folks have decided they can live without.  I would seriously like to know what kind of inner voice urged people to buy these things in the first place. Continue reading


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Queen of Denial

“Some people said I couldn’t sing,

but no one could say I didn’t sing.”

Let me begin on a positive note.  Singing is good for everyone, and learning to love music will enrich your life.  But you ought to be better than average before charging people money to see you perform, unless you are destined to be among the best of the worst. Continue reading


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Music for the Silly

A detail from John Stump’s “Faerie’s Aire and Death Waltz”

Humans are toolmakers.  They also make music.  This can be taken to absurd extremes.  Given sufficient time and will, you can try making music out of almost anything.  That doesn’t mean it won’t turn out weird. Continue reading


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Shape Up, Mrs. Black

Selling out for fame isn’t a new phenomenon.  Neither is dumbing-down music to increase popularity.  Pop music is often dumb on purpose. Continue reading


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