19 Minimalist Hacks To Maximize Your Life



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2 responses to “19 Minimalist Hacks To Maximize Your Life

  1. Oh Jeeze, Mikey. How can I listen to suggestions from a guy who writes this, “Consider your reducables” as a heading instead of this: Consider your reducibles?”

    Not bugged because he can’t spell but because he can’t even be bothered to change something spell check tells him is wrong. Or, worse, because he thinks his spelling is correct because he found a web site with that spelling as its name.

    Did I just behave like a troll? I’m sorry but pet peeve, you know? And a strong desire to see fine, insightful posts actually written by you, like back in the good old days. C’mon, IM, please?

    • I’m writing a book, bro. It’s too long to post 😀 Until it’s done, or I give up trying, I’m just going to reprint the work of others I have enjoyed reading.

      Thank you for pointing out the misspelling, however. My guess is that it’s a mistake, and that he didn’t pass the text through a spell-check. Perhaps it was written on a legal pad with a pen, to save electricity.

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