The Emperor Has No Balls: Are the Trump Statues Body Shaming or Legitimate Political Commentary?

ellin jimmerson

Last Thursday, something unusual happened in America. In a country uncomfortable with both political discussions and art which is not decorative, we heatedly discussed a statue. You know the one I’m referencing – the nude statue of presidential hopeful Donald Trump – depicting him as a pompous dictator with no clothes and no testicles and a very, very small penis.

CqJsQHhXEAEHKJq Photo by James Michael Nichols via Twitter

Commissioned by the anarchist art collective, INDECLINE, statues of a salmon pink Trump simultaneously were erected (its hard to find another word) in public spaces in New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Cleveland, and Seattle. Named “The Emperor Has No Balls”, New York City’s Parks Department removed the statue. A spokesman said they removed it because the statue was unaccompanied and had been installed without a permit. A Parks employee quipped, “NYC Parks stands firmly against any unpermitted erection in city parks, no…

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6 responses to “The Emperor Has No Balls: Are the Trump Statues Body Shaming or Legitimate Political Commentary?

  1. 70news

    The pathetic GUTTER MIND of another angry, left-wing ‘artist’…

  2. The point of Ellin’s article is that art with a political intent is supposed to be provocative, and that it’s part of a long tradition here. The least-restricted, most-protected aspect of the First Amendment, supported by thousands of court precedents, is the unfettered right to ridicule our politicians. Mere nudity, especially an exaggerated naked caricature, is not obscene. And it takes a lot to provoke modern viewers.

    You see it as having come from anger. I see it as quite joyful and courageously satirical. As I’ve said to others, I think we should have naked cartoon statues of all our candidates, every election year. They aren’t gods.

    • 70news

      Yep. It’s like a bunch of screaming feminists claiming walking around naked is ’empowering’. I find it curious these so-called ‘profound’ and ’empowering’ arts don’t use liberal politicians for model. So when is Hillary – also Obama’s – nude statues coming out? Soon or never?

      • I hope they do! Hers could have “cankles”, and his, an absurdly long, well, you know.
        I’m an equal opportunity satire lover. Grew up on MAD Magazine. Went to college with The National Lampoon.

        • 70news

          It will never happen. Democrats are UNTOUCHABLE. They got ready arrows like racist card to throw at anybody who ‘demean’ or ‘ridicule’ their greatness.

          • Well, if that is true, more’s the pity. However, here I am, I usually vote Democrat (I’m more in support of their policies), and I don’t fit your assumption.

            Perhaps it’s not as universal a characteristic as you think. I certainly don’t assume Republicans have no sense of humor. I know too many who do!

            Everyone in that line of work deserves to be taken down a peg or two. Most politicians are the antithesis of humble. The job requirements for getting elected encourage and reward egotism.

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