Of Dilberts and Trumps

Fermenting Politics

It’s starting to look like a lot of postings in the coming months are going to be about Trump and what happens next. This is shaping up to be a blowout win for the Democrats, although it is not a given (If ever there was a party prepared to compete in the “Snatching Defeat From the Jaws of Victory” race, it is the Democratic Party). A lot of supposed conservatives (faux-servatives?) such as Ann Coulter and Sean Hannity have been Gunga Din-ing for Trump and predicting a landslide victory for Il Trumpo. The Trumpkins are basing this on their view that Trump will unify the nation, bringing Yuuugge numbers of Democrats and Independents to the Republican side ala Ronald Reagan. Of course this same group of people are screaming that the #NeverTrump crowd is going to be responsible for the Trump defeat in November. The fact #NeverTrump Republicans not voting…

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13 responses to “Of Dilberts and Trumps

  1. mikeakin1

    It’s not a done deal. Remember who wrote “The Art of the Deal.” 🙂

  2. Palinurus

    Do you want to know what the putative next president is really like? Check out the video.

    • Sorry, Palinurus. I don’t generally pass off-topic material (See headline. That’s the subject.) Even if I did, it’s disrespectful to readers to demand they watch a video of more than an a few minute’s length. I enjoy public domain features and documentaries, but I would never post one here.

  3. I worry Trump’s lucky streak is going to continue. I can’t look at any past elections or even the basic rules of logic to give me any kind of assurance. The primary has been unlike anything we’ve seen before and I’m convinced the general election will be the same.

    • It’s certainly possible. However, I remember Nixon’s second election very well. He won by a huge landslide, and those like me in the antiwar movement still thought he would implode through his own paranoia. He did, spectacularly.

      You’re a theater guy, Paul. You understand the effect of a “fatal flaw” in Shakespearean terms. Trump has so many fatal flaws, he can’t possibly last, even if elected. Meanwhile, I’m putting up a copy of Ilma Gore’s “Make America Great Again” in my front window, with a coat button strung across the micropenis to assuage the sensibilities of some of my neighbors. Bring the mutha down through art, humor, satire and ridicule!

      • My concern is that we’re finally being punished for our lack of attention span and our insistence that all politics and big issues be summarized in reality show sound bytes and 140 character Tweets. Nothing sticks to Trump because we almost immediately forget what it was that offended us. We can’t understand and discern facts and truth anymore. He’ll keep dominating the news cycle. And I’m not convinced he can’t attract groups he previously attacked. He’s a billionaire who inherited his wealth and has been bailed out by the government again and again, but yet he’s already convinced a significant percentage of the population that he’s the outsider candidate.

        • Some can’t understand. You and I can though, so there must also be others. I do understand your trepidation. It’s a teachable moment, having to face the fact that there are more racists, “poorly educated” and easily swayed than we, as a people, want to admit exist.

          All I can offer is to remember, the bigger they are, the harder they fall. No one that undeserving, that truly unqualified can avoid impaling themselves. Even if he got elected, the Senate is very likely to flip to the Dems, and the GOP House majority will also be reduced. How much could Trump even accomplish in terms of an agenda? He doesn’t understand the separation of powers or all the checks and balances he would face.

          I think this election is going to be a lot of fun for artists.

          • I hope you’re right about the artists. Most of what I’ve seen has been lazy criticism of Trump, essentially parroting his most outlandish statements and then mugging for the camera, but I hope we can find artistic ways of pointing out the flaws in ourselves and our society that would allow this person to get so far.

            • I’m working on thinking like one of the film technicians at UFA in 1933 just before you-know-who becomes Chancellor, wondering if my auntie’s Jewishness will be a problem. I know my cousin Marc Blitzstein in NYC will have an opinion, so I’m writing to ask.

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