I support Bernie Sanders, and I’m not stupid or unrealistic

Still too busy to write. Mea maxima culpa. This was an absorbing discussion I found between exams. A fertile field of comments to consider.

Cody Gough (dot com)

Today I read for maybe the 10,000th time an assertion that supporters of Bernie Sanders are unrealistic, that Bernie Sanders supporters will all be disappointed if they elect him because he won’t be able to bring the change he’s promising, that Bernie Sanders’ policies will be “just another example of Democrats making promises they can’t keep,” and so on and so forth. And I’d like to briefly dispel a misconception about people who support Bernie Sanders as the next president of the United States:

We’re not stupid.


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12 responses to “I support Bernie Sanders, and I’m not stupid or unrealistic

  1. Recently I saw a quote of Robin Williams, that Canada is like a nice apartment living over a meth lab. Please elect Bernie, you guys.

  2. Owen Barnard

    Hey Mikey,

    You recently commented on a post on Squared Politics. We look to have a diverse amount of content on our site and were wondering if you would like to have a piece out there. We really like your stuff and cross promotion between our two sites could really be a great opportunity. Let me know what you think. Email us at squaredpolitics@gmail.com

    • Possibly in a few weeks, but right now I’m swamped training my replacement technologist, filing Social Security paperwork so I can retire by April, writing a book (You Can Be a Film Geek), and training a new service dog puppy we received last week.

      It’s nice to be asked, however. I’ll consider it seriously.

  3. I’m a Hillary supporter though I prefer Bernie’s ideals. I don’t believe he can be elected though, Hillary is vastly more qualified and I want to see a woman prez.

    • I expected from the beginning HRC would be the nominee. She has the allies. It’s not just having enough money to keep running. One needs friends in high places. I want Bernie to stay in as long as he can, because it requires the Clinton campaign to respond to whatever issues he presents.

  4. Bernie Sanders seems like an honest person. I don’t agree with him concerning how to improve life in the USA, but I think he is much more honest than Hillary. Sanders would do his best to follow through on his promises. Not so with Hillary Clinton. She is deceptive, willing to lie, and she believes that the elite class do not have to play by the rules.

  5. I do too, but can he beat Trump?

    • I’m of the opinion that either Democrat can beat Trump, Sanders more easily because it’s a clearer difference. I might be naive, but I still believe most Americans can recognize a fascist when they see one.

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