President Obama’s Tenure Has Been More “Christian” Than His Critics Will Ever Admit

john pavlovitz

12419379_10154376315984989_5877223265055859141_o-2This week President Obama gave a passionate, vulnerable, teary eyed press conference to announce new guidelines for gun ownership. It provided some of the rawest, most authentic expressions of compassion and grief ever shared by a sitting American President.

It was also another example of a man’s religion speaking loudly without needing to be referenced at all.

You see, faith isn’t real faith until it’s walked out and most people know this. Without a life attached to it all theology is just theory. It’s so often (for both politicians and pew sitters alike) merely flowery language and religious window dressing designed for maximum curb appeal from a distance. But unless and until it shows up in the every day of a person—well it’s worth little more than zero.

Even before Barack Obama took office the attacks on his spiritual beliefs by his detractors were fierce and incessant, calling him a closeted Muslim whose religious convictions were more about the demise…

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7 responses to “President Obama’s Tenure Has Been More “Christian” Than His Critics Will Ever Admit

  1. Susan Price-Jang

    He is one of the best presidents we have had – except that I don’t like the deporting of children and parents from Central America who are fleeing gang violence which started when the US deported PIco-Union area gang members back to Honduras which was ill prepared to deal with such people. The gangs essentially took over and now Honduras has the highest murder rate in the world.

    Anyway, as usual Michael, you are right on! Susie

    • Not me, it’s John Paplovitz, the original author. I thought the article was good enough to spread around by re-blogging. I don’t have time to write. I’m preparing for retirement!

  2. Duomi

    What saddened me is all the traffic on social media calling those “crocodile tears”. Anyone with any humanity who had to meet with all the Sandy Hook Elementary School parents would be deeply affected.

    • If I had an award for “Best Comment of 2016”, you would have won it. Yes, he was honestly overcome, talking about the subject in a room full of people who had lost loved ones. He knew those off-camera, had met them before. They all came by invitation. Who wouldn’t be moved?


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