But Money’s Fungible! Another Planned Parenthood & Federal Funds Myth Explained


Since 1976, neither Planned Parenthood nor any other healthcare provider has received federal Medicaid funds for the provision of abortion services, except in very rare instances of rape, incest, or threat to the life of the mother.

[By the way, even in those rare instances—rape, incest, life of the mother—clinics rarely receive reimbursement, or even apply, because the process is so onerous and the reimbursement so minimal.]

Cutting federal funds for Planned Parenthood, therefore, does not cut funds for abortion. It cuts funds for other medical services, like birth control (except abortion, as we’ve mentioned), testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections, cancer screening and early treatment, and even vasectomies.

But money’s fungible!

Helpful men on the internet have been saying this to me all day.

The point they are trying to make is this:

  • A group needs pens and pencils, but they only have $100, enough for…

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2 responses to “But Money’s Fungible! Another Planned Parenthood & Federal Funds Myth Explained

  1. I always wonder why they chose to target Planned Parenthood when they have been operating within the law even if its founder was a little too controversial. There’s actual organizations that do a lot of bad and illegal things that they should focus on.

    • That’s an important question, Sulfen. I believe the driving forces behind the need for abortions are persistent poverty and a lack of fact-based sex education. The GOP is philosophically opposed to teaching kids about sex before they are old enough to become sexually active, and solving poverty is a hard thing for either party.

      Trying to re-criminalise abortion through side doors, like reducing access to organizations that perform them, is probably considered easier than solving poverty.

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