Cowardly Lyin’

lou sight

RIP Cecil. By now you know about the beloved lion, Cecil, who was lured away from a national park in Zimbabwe so that a dentist from Minnesota, Walter James Palmer, could have an opportunity to hunt Cecil outside the confines of the national park for $50,000.00. I won’t recount the gory details here. Suffice it to say, that while nothing will bring back Cecil the Lion, the public condemnation of Palmer’s big game hunt is forcing consequences that he obviously never imagined. In the face of serious threats, Palmer admitted to killing Cecil, but claimed that he was led to believe that the transaction and the hunt were legal. Whether or not they were legal, they were cowardly. And, at the very least, he’s lying to himself to convince himself that his hunting was justifiable.

Humans lie. Sometimes the lie is small and the consequences are insignificant beyond the immediate…

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3 responses to “Cowardly Lyin’

  1. Thanks, Invisible Mikey!

  2. Susan Price-Jang

    The dentist is an egotistical ass hole and is now suffering the consequences thereof. I think my yelp review of him was removed as were others. This guy should have to do 3 years of community service (jail time of 3 years for poachers) providing dental care for folks living in the bush of Zimbabwe – without access to his bank account for luxury goods and no hunting.

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