A Last Word on Mad Men

This was a great selection from the WP editors. The other one I liked best was a Rolling Stone contributor’s rejection of the trend of having to produce series finales, because they have to be disingenuously magical to tie up all the loose ends. http://www.rollingstone.com/tv/features/coke-and-sympathy-10-thoughts-on-mad-men-series-finale-20150518

The Axis of Ego

I began to get worried at about 10:58.

Realizing there wasn’t much time left in the series, I wondered how Matthew Weiner would be able to conclude Mad Men in a way that made sense and was true to the characters he had developed over seven (really eight) seasons.

DonDraperDoorThe resolution wasn’t perfect, but I think time will be kind to it.

Last week, I discussed what we might get from the finale.  I noted one key scene in the penultimate episode, where Don appears to glean some stroke of inspiration from staring at a broken, old-fashioned Coke machine.  I said that I thought that would lead to an epiphanic moment in the finale, generating one last spectacular (and redemptive) pitch at McCann that produced an incredible, iconic campaign.

We didn’t get to see the pitch, sadly, but the conclusion of the finale lets the viewer in on the secret:…

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2 responses to “A Last Word on Mad Men

  1. MiSquared

    I think Weiner got a big kick out of torturing WASPS.

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