How to Tell If You’re in a Film Noir

I love infographics. Here’s one about my favorite genre of American movies.

More Songs about Buildings and Food

Film Noir pale

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5 responses to “How to Tell If You’re in a Film Noir

  1. Susan Price-Jang

    Very funny. This is not film noir, but did you see Selma? Or even McFarland USA. I once visited a neighborhood kid who was locked up at McFarland (for something he did not doWhen he was younger he was on the roller hockey team I created for the mostly Latino boys in the run down apartments in my neighborhood. They had only recently learned to skate, but they out played the other teams from ritzier parts of town. It was one intense summer, 1997.

    • Haven’t seen either one. I was hoping for a screener of Selma, but the filmmakers released it too late last year for DVDs to get to voters. Guess I’ll wait for them to show up on TV.

  2. This was very funny! Thanks for posting. Gonna start checking in regularly again as you always offer good “stuff”!

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