Getting Back in Tune

Did you know?It’s a dangerous world, but when bad things happen I’m usually somewhere else. I don’t plan it that way by avoiding all risk, but I do try to proactively move toward the light.

beer gardenThe Urgent Care clinic where I work was closed for a few days, so we drove to the city. Seattle is home to one of the largest music festivals in the world, Northwest Folklife. Folklife features thousands of good-to-excellent performers who are not particularly famous. They sell a wide variety of food, clothes and craft goods there, but all the performances are FREE. They accomplish this through the “loaves and fishes” method. At each venue, angels carrying a sign and a plastic jug walk through gathering spare change and bills. You give according to your means and ability to appreciate the music being offered. The festival is run entirely by volunteers, and aside from tips to buskers, the artists are compensated only by the love and applause of the crowds.

Braxtonstring jam

It’s a good showcase for ambitious newcomers, and an opportunity for players from anywhere to network and jam together.  Thousands of colorful human characters also attend, and it’s almost as much fun to look as it is to listen.

amaze ballhula hoop

squeezeboxmarimba girlsbluegrassfountain This year’s cultural emphasis was on India. It was my first time seeing traditional and classical Indian dance live. We also watched troupes perform Filipino, Polynesian, Hawaiian and Native American dances and songs.

india girl

drum linefinn mary panpipesThere were about 20 stages all around the Seattle Center. I saw performances at 14 of them. The weather was fine, and there were so many kinds of good music! There were Irish pipers, Japanese taiko drummers, bluegrass, soul and funk bands on the indoor and outdoor stages.  People were playing instruments I can’t even spell.



birembauAll along the sidewalks and hills small groups were trading licks and harmonizing. Mary and I danced to a Middle School swing band. I ate Kenyan food and drank Thai iced tea. Music unifies the world. It refreshes my spirit.

fiddlersbrassarmory dance

finn folklifeFinnegan was well-behaved.  He got petted a lot and appeared to enjoy the attention he got from all these happy strangers.


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