SORRY FOLKS! I’m too busy in re-certification classes to write, but I can still read at study breaks. I found this simple statement breathtaking.


A few days ago, Eric L Wattree, a regular on dagblog, posted about why he thought Barack Obama will be remembered as a great president. In the comments there ensued a discussion of who were the greatest presidents, whether Obama, Clinton, Reagan, or Carter will be remembered as great or ordinary, and what determines greatness in office.

With the death of Nelson Mandela, I couldn’t help wondering what an American president would have had to endure and accomplish to be considered in the same breath with Mandela.

Suppose Frederick Douglass, after escaping torture by the slavebreaker at Mt Misery, didn’t safely escape to the North in 1838. Suppose he had non-violently protested against the slavery condoned by the US government, then later organized attacks on US government targets. Suppose instead of being executed he had been imprisoned for almost three decades. Suppose he had led the antislavery movement from within…

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2 responses to “Mandela

  1. Veritas

    He’d have to be a communist who called for the destruction and elimination of an entire race. Hitler comes to mind, but then Hitler wasn’t a communist, so how about Stain? Mandela, may he burn.

    • Yes, he began as a revolutionary. He did not remain a communist. He renounced his stance about violence, and made it possible for his nation to heal. Unlike the dictators you’ve tried to inaccurately associate him with, Mandela was a person who held deep religious convictions. His personal journey of faith transformed his views, and empowered his character.

      I hope that you too can find a source of transformative inner peace in your own life. Thanks for visiting.

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