Letter 12: October 12, 2013

(Note from Mikey —)

I’m tired of reading the opinions of people who think the shutdown “doesn’t really matter”, or (God forgive them) believe it’s a good thing for members of Congress to refuse to govern and continue to get paid FOR NOT DOING THEIR WORK – ON PURPOSE !!! Here’s someone who feels more like I do about it.

A Scientist's Response to the Government Shut Down

Dear Congressman,

Unfortunately for me, I have to keep writing these emails because talks have once again stalled in Washington.  However, there have been a few uplifting stories from the shutdown.  Some businesses in the D.C. area are giving out discounted or free items to furloughed workers.  Unfortunately for you, you’ll be asked to pay double the retail price.  The Ku Klux Klan had scheduled a rally on Oct. 5th at Gettysburg National Military Park, however that was cancelled due to the park being closed.  So, thank you for preventing hate speech, even though some of your colleagues have been equating the Affordable Care Act to the Fugitive Slave Act or Nazi Appeasement.  However, more scientific projects are being cancelled by the day; and in this email, I’d like to turn your attention to Antarctica.  Please, turn your body to the South as you read this, as it will…

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4 responses to “Letter 12: October 12, 2013

  1. RJ

    As a fellow scientist: yes.

  2. Tex Arty

    I agree. The reblog echoes my views as well. I haven’t heard the expression ” I am proud to be an American” in awhile and intend to start sending emails to my representatives. I was a small child during the 1929 depression but remember it well, no one can forget an experience like that, I am very concerned that our leaders could allow to happen again. With the greater population in the world today it would be much worse.
    I have a political oriented web site like you and do the best that one man can to improve Government.
    Good luck and good blogging.

    • I try not to write about political issues here unless I absolutely reach my limit, Tex. That’s why the subtitle of this blog is “Philosophic Topics and the Arts”. I also don’t think I’m a very good pundit. But I do read about politics, and sometimes get into pointless “comment fights” on blogs where I disagree with their views. I really should reform this behavior, but it’s a kind of evil fun I haven’t entirely renounced.

      I’ll bet surviving the Great Depression gives you a perspective many younger people would benefit by having!

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